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Use Your Card

Cal 1 Card is designed to make daily activities and access on campus effective and versatile while keeping your data secure. Your card will be the only way to access most campus services and benefits. You also have the option of adding funds to your card for use at select locations.

Key Uses

  • Identity verification: As the official campus ID, the Cal 1 Card identifies your photo, name, ID number, affiliation, and eligibility for access to standard and optional University services and spaces, on and off campus.
  • Building access: The Cal 1 Card may be authorized as a “key” for several locked buildings on campus. Card-key administrators in the respective buildings manage the corresponding permissions. Card-key access authorizations to residential housing unit entrances are automated based on an existing residential housing contract. 
  • Adding funds: You may add funds to your Cal 1 Card account to pay for goods and services at select campus locations, like printing at the libraries or purchasing items from the Cal Student Store. Learn where to use your funds.
  • Campus services: Use your Cal 1 Card to access: Recreation & Wellbeing Membership privileges (all students and  employees/affiliates who are members), University libraries, the Campanile, the Berkeley Art Museum, and more.

Campus Services

Students, employees, and eligible affiliates can use their Cal 1 Cards for account access and authorization for the following services:

Access Secured Buildings

Use your Cal 1 Card to access certain locked buildings on and off campus (e.g., residential housing unit entrances, campus offices, labs, and the student union).  

Card-key administrators in respective campus buildings manage the corresponding permissions and must be contacted for authorization. If you don’t know whom to contact or if you require troubleshooting assistance after receiving authorization(s) to a campus building location, email:

Card-key access authorizations to residential housing unit entrances are automated based on an existing residential housing contract.  If you require troubleshooting assistance related to card-key access in the residential housing units, email or visit the Cal 1 Card office.   

University Libraries

Use your Cal 1 Card to access privileges at the University Libraries, such as checking out books, reserving study rooms, and using photocopiers and printers.  Privileges vary depending on affiliation type and are determined by Library Management – please contact the Library Privileges Desk with any questions.

Berkeley Dining Flex Dollars & Meal Plans

Use your Cal 1 Card to access your Berkeley Dining meal plan. Berkeley Dining meal plans are available to students, employees, and  eligible affiliates. Meal plans may include meal swipes and/or flex dollars to spend like cash, all accessible by swiping your Cal 1 Card at Berkeley Dining locations. See Berkeley Dining meal plans to learn more. 

Campus Recreation

All students and employees/affiliates who are paid members can use their Cal 1 Card to access the Recreational Sports Facility (RSF)


The Cal 1 Card can be used to access Bear Transit, UC Berkeley’s shuttle system. See shuttle information via Parking and Transportation


Use your Cal 1 Card to get discounts in the campus bookstore and Cal Performances, and free admission at the Berkeley Art Museum (with the exception of UC Extension students).