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Members of the general public needing to pay for printing and copying services at University libraries may request a Cal 1 Guest Card at a University library public service desk or the University library Copy Center.  For more information, please contact the Library Privileges Desk.  

Cal 1 Guest Cards are to be used for payment transaction purposes only. They are not a form of official campus identification and cannot be used to gain access into Berkeley facilities.

Uses for Cal 1 Guest Cards

  • Adding Cal 1 Card funds
  • Using Cal 1 Card funds for University library printing and copying services as well as at other locations where these funds are accepted
  • Reviewing transaction history 
  • Checking Cal 1 Card fund balance

Adding Cal 1 Card Funds to Cal 1 Guest Cards

  • Your first deposit of Cal 1 Card funds to a Cal 1 Guest Card account must be a minimum of $5. An additional one-time $1 card set up fee will also be charged. The $1 set up fee will be waived for an initial deposit of $20 or more. 
  • After your initial deposit, you may continue to add funds (minimum of $5 at a time) to your Cal 1 Guest Card account at any time. 
  • Funds may be added online by credit card only. 

Guest Card: Add Funds or View Balances and Transactions

Cal 1 Guest Cardholder Responsibilities

  • Record your card number for future reference in case your card is ever lost or stolen.  Transfer of balances associated with a card that is lost or stolen can only be transferred if the cardholder is able to provide the number for the lost card.  
  • Secure your card to mitigate the possibility for loss or theft.
  • Report your card lost or stolen to protect the account balance. Reports can be made by providing your Cal 1 Guest Card number in person at the Cal 1 Card Office, by emailing, or by calling 1 (866) 2UCBCARD. Once you provide your Cal 1 Guest Card number and report your card is missing, you assume no further liability for unwarranted usage. Cal 1 Card staff will deactivate the account balance as soon as possible after the report is made.
  • Request a replacement Cal 1 Guest Card at no cost, subject to a minimum balance.  If you had a balance on a lost or stolen Cal 1 Guest Card, request fund transfer to the account associated with the replacement Cal 1 Guest Card by providing both Cal 1 Guest Card numbers in person at the Cal 1 Card Office, by emailing, or by calling 1 (866) 2UCBCARD. 


There are no refunds for Cal 1 Guest Card balances.