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Get a Card

Every registered student, active employee, and eligible affiliate at UC Berkeley may obtain a Cal 1 Card in person for access to key campus services and benefits. 

Cal 1 Card Issuance Requirements

These are the requirements for a first-time Cal 1 Card issuance. (If you need a replacement card as a continuing registered student or employee/affiliate with an ongoing continuous employment/affiliation, please refer to Manage a Card.)

The eligible patron must:

  • Be an active University member with a new or returning status (i.e. registered student or active employee / affiliate)
  • Present in-person identity verification via a valid (i.e., non-expired) government-issued photo identification (e.g. driver license, state ID, passport, military ID).

Who is Eligible

  • Incoming or returning currently enrolled students (i.e., undergraduate, graduate, visiting summer sessions, and extension concurrent enrollment students
  • Newly hired and rehired employees (i.e. faculty, staff, academic, and postdoc) on or after their employment start date.
  • Newly appointed and re-appointed affiliates (e.g. volunteers, independent contractors, visiting scholars, visiting student researchers) on or after their appointment start date) – other requirements may apply.

How You Get Your Cal 1 Card

Incoming/returning students: Most incoming or returning currently enrolled students obtain their Cal 1 Cards when they arrive on campus, either as part of the residential housing move-in process or during their respective departmental orientation/onboarding card issuance events.  

Other students: The remaining incoming or returning students obtain their Cal 1 Card directly from the staff at the Cal 1 Card office.

All eligible employees and affiliates: All eligible employees and affiliates obtain their Cal 1 Card directly from the staff at the Cal 1 Card office.

Getting a Card at the Cal 1 Card Office

You have two possible ways to obtain your Cal 1 Card: the Virtual Kiosk line or an appointment. 

Same-Day/Walk-In Service, Virtual Kiosk Line

The advantage of the kiosk line is being able to visit the office at your convenience and not at a specific appointment time. 

There are three ways to join the virtual kiosk line.

If you have a laptop or handheld device as well as a domestic mobile phone number, you may join by:

  1.  Clicking on the following button.
    Join Virtual Kiosk Line
  2. Scanning the QR code available on signage outside of the Cal 1 Card Office location.

    If you do not have a laptop or handheld device and/or also do not have a domestic mobile phone number, you may join by:

  3. Using a touch-screen sign-in kiosk, located at Sproul Hall, north entrance of the first floor (look for the yellow Cal 1 Card flag).

Appointment Scheduling with the Cal 1 Card Office (Optional)

The advantage of securing a specific appointment time slot is that you won’t have to wait a long time during peak card production periods.

  • Appointments are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. 
  • To make an appointment, click on the following button: 
    Make an Appointment
  • All appointments will be for in-person services at the Cal 1 Card office at your scheduled appointment time.
  • Available appointment time slots will become visible between 24 hours to 2 weeks from the date/time that a search is performed. 
  • During peak production periods (July through September), there may be very few (if any) available appointments.
  • If the need for card issuance is urgent and you are unable to wait for the next available appointment date/time, please join the virtual kiosk line and await your turn.  

About Your Photo

You may upload your own compliant photo (preferred method) or you may have a photo taken at the Cal 1 Card office via the kiosk line or by making an in-office appointment. Note: Incoming students who would like to receive their Cal 1 Card when moving into residential housing or during their orientation/check-in date(s) must upload their photos online.