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University ID Card

Your Cal 1 Card is your official campus ID. If you’re a student, you’ll use your Cal 1 Card several times a day while you’re on campus. For example, you’ll need your Cal 1 Card to sign in at the residence halls, ride free on all AC Transit buses, vote in ASUC elections, and access your meal plans at the Berkeley Dining locations.

As a member of the UC Berkeley campus community, all Students, Faculty and Staff can enjoy several campus benefits when you use your Cal 1 Card. Your Cal 1 Card will provide you access to sporting events, the Recreational Sports Facility, and free admission at the Berkeley Art Museum. Always carry your Cal 1 Card to enjoy all these benefits and more!

University ID Card:


BARCODE: The barcode on your Cal 1 Card gives you access to the libraries and sporting events.


MAG STRIPE: The mag stripe on your Cal 1 Card is used to make fast, cash-free purchases.


ANTENNA: The antenna inside your Cal 1 Card can give you access to secure buildings on campus.


Annotated Cal 1 Card - Front, Back, and Inside