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Meal Swipes and Flex Dollars

Meal plans may include meal swipes and/or flex dollars to spend like cash, all accessible by using your Cal 1 Card at Berkeley Dining locations. 

There are meal plans for: 

There are also flex dollars for faculty and staff.

A meal swipe is how students living in a residence hall pay when they eat at the dining commons. Meal plans include a certain number of meal swipes stored on their Cal 1 Card. One meal swipe per meal period will be used each time a student enters the dining commons.
Flex dollars are stored on your Cal 1 Card and function like cash dollars, but they hold greater value because you can purchase them at a discount.
Flex dollars can be used by anyone to pay for guests at a discounted rate at the dining commons.
Manage your meal plan online. Purchase a meal plan, buy add-on flex dollars, check your balances or transactions online anytime.